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Delicate potted plants, such as orchids and roses require protection from physical damage during shipment. To pack a potted plant for shipment the potted plant is usually wrapped carefully with shredded paper and newspaper, then disposed within a box of suitable size. It is taped to the box to prevent movement of the plant. Any void in the box is then fully filled with packaging materials, such as shredded paper, newspaper, and foam peanuts to further retain the plant. This traditional method is very time and material consuming. The packaging materials add significant weight to the package. More importantly, it does not provide sufficient protection to the plant. Potmate is designed to solve all of the aforementioned problems.

PM_Benefit 1Improve customer satisfaction

Potmate packing device is designed to withstand multiple drop/shock impacts in all orientations during shipment, preventing damage to the plants. Work very well for blooming orchids

PM_Benefit 1Lower labor costs

This packing device allows a plant to be packed 2-3x or more faster than normal

PM_Benefit 1Save on shipping costs

Packaging materials, such as shredded paper, wrapping paper, and foam peanuts, are not required. This could reduce the total shipping weight by up to 3 lbs

PM_Benefit 1

Tips and warning


  • Before using Potmate to pack an orchid or a potted plant always tape the pot to hold the potting media in place
  • Make sure the target surface of the box is clean prior to attaching Potmate. It is very important to firmly press over all the tape areas
  • Stake and wrap spikes and/or blooms, if any, with soft packing materials, such as cotton, shredded cellophane paper, wax confetti, etc3


  • Do not mix and match different Potmate and pot sizes. For example, do not use a 5” Potmate for a 4” pot, as this could induce excessive deflection of the packing device.



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To test Potmate, more than one hundred orchids have been sold on eBay. Many of them were in spike and/or bloom. The orchids were packed for shipping using some early prototypes of Potmate. Here is real feedback from our customers:

Expert packing, healthy, graceful plant in bloom. Great seller and service!

Anna from California

Nice plant, well packed, arrived AOK. Fantastic device! Thanks

Roger from Colorado

Excellent packaging! Perfect plant!

Ray from Texas

Just wanted to let you know the orchid arrived safely despite horrible handling by the PO!! You did a great job packing the orchid and even marked the box (this end up). While the box arrived with “this end” down, the orchid, which was then upside down, still looked great!!

Barbara from Florida



PM-3 3 0.5 $0.94      $0.89      $0.83      $0.76      $0.68
PM-4 4 0.8 $1.40       $1.32       $1.22       $1.10       $0.97
PM-5 5 1.2 $1.86       $1.76       $1.62       $1.46       $1.29
PM-6 6 1.8 $2.33       $2.20      $2.03       $1.83       $1.62

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