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Why our baskets


Unlike many other orchid supplies, at Orchidmate we design and manufacture the wood orchid baskets ourselves. Each of our wooden baskets is carefully handcrafted from Acacia auriculiformis, a rot resistant hardwood, by our skilled artisans. They are proven to last for at least five years even in a high humidity tropical climate. The baskets come with many different unique novel shapes including hexagon, octagon, round, pyramid, and half-moon. Our round wood orchid baskets are considered the most beautiful ones in the market.

More importantly, openings on the baskets facilitate drainage and air circulation that orchid roots need. This brings the growing environment closer to the natural habitat of orchids. For the first 2-3 months after reporting in our wood baskets you may need to water your orchids more frequently (once every 3-4 days). After that period when the potting media can absorb water better, your orchids will thrive as their roots will never rot in the basket. Orchids always bloom much better and the blooms last longer when their root system is stronger.

Horticultural charcoal is proven to be a very effective additive to orchid mixes. It helps absorb impurities in water and fertilizers. Our premium charcoal is made of hardwood without any chemical and additive. It is imported directly from manufacturers, enabling us to offer a much lower price.


What can grow in these baskets


Our orchid baskets are generally designed to be deeper (taller) than the regular square Vanda baskets in the market, so that they can be used for most of orchids (such as Cattleya, Laelia, Dendrobium, Brassavola, Stanhopea, Epidendrum, Lycaste, Masdevallia, Miltonia, Odontoglossum, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis). As can be seen in the gallery our Laelia and Cattleya grow and bloom extremely well in these baskets. We offer wooden baskets with various sizes (4″ to 14″) to accommodate from seedling to specimen orchids. They can be used either as hanging baskets or table top ones. Most of the popular growing media, such as bark, sphagnum moss, coconut husk, charcoal can be used with these wooden orchid baskets. If you wish to use small-sized potting mixes, a thin liner of coconut fibers can be placed inside the basket.




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Orchidmate square wood orchid baskets

Orchidmate hexagon octagon wood orchid baskets

Orchidmate round wood orchid baskets


$7 flat rate shipping on all orders! Always low prices! Large halfmoon baskets (HM-4 and HM-5) are now available. Very limited edition.

SQ-1 4 inch 4" square vanda basket $3.75
SQ-2 5 inch 5" square vanda basket $4.75
SQ-3 6 inch 6" square vanda basket $7.00
SQ-4 7 inch 7" square wooden basket $7.25
SQ-5 8 inch 8" square wooden basket $8.75
SQ-S 4-8 inch SQ1-SQ5 set of 5 $24.00
HE-1 4 inch 4" hexagonal orchid basket $4.25
HE-2 5 inch 5" hexagonal orchid basket $5.75
HE-3 6 inch 6" hexagonal orchid basket $7.50
HE-S 4-6 inch HE1-HE3 set of 3 $14.00
OC-1 6 inch 6" octagonal orchid basket $7.25
OC-2 7 inch 7" octagonal orchid basket $8.25
OC-3 8 inch 8" octagonal orchid basket $10.50
OC-S 6-8 inch OC1-OC3 set of 3 $21.50
RO-1 6 inch 6" round wood basket $5.25
RO-2 8 inch 8" round wood basket $7.50
RO-3 10 inch 10" round wood basket $9.25
RO-4 (Out of stock) 12 inch 12" round wood basket $11.50
RO-5 (Out of stock) 14 inch 14" round wood basket $13.50
HM-1 6 inch 6" wide hanging basket $7.50
HM-2 (Out of stock) 7 inch 7" wide hanging basket $9.99
HM-3 (Out of stock) 8 inch 8" wide hanging basket $11.99
HM-4 9 inch 9" wide hanging basket $15.99
HM-5 10 inch 10" wide hanging basket $18.99
PY-1 6 inch 6" pyramid wooden basket $6.50
PY-2 8 inch 8" pyramid wooden basket $8.99
PY-3 10 inch 10" pyramid wooden basket $12.99
HA-1 27 inch 3-wire orchid basket hanger $0.70
HA-2 27 inch 4-wire orchid basket hanger $0.95
CO-1 1/4 lbs Coconut husk fiber $3.50
CH-1 1/2 gallons Horticultural charcoal – Medium $4.99
CH-2 1/2 gallons Horticultural charcoal – Coarse $4.99
SQ-3S 6 inch 6" square wood slat mount $4.75
SQ-5S 8 inch 8" square wood slat mount $5.99

*All dimensions are approximate.


Customer reviews





I am impressed with the price and quality of the products you sent. You need to get the word out better to us growers on the east coast. I will show these around the National Capital Orchid Society and urge members to check out your site.

Very good quality. Most pleased! Thank you so very much!

Beautiful basket, well built & exactly as described! Will definitely buy again!




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Orchidmate specializes in wood orchid baskets. We also have wire hangers, coconut fiber, and horticulture charcoal.

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