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Dendrobium anosmum

    IntroductionDendrobium anosmum, also known as the unscented dendrobium, is a captivating orchid species native to Southeast Asia. Despite its common name, this orchid is often celebrated for its delightful fragrance and striking pink to purple flowers. Known for its long, pendulous canes and beautiful blooms, Dendrobium anosmum is a favorite among orchid enthusiasts. […]

Why Vanda orchids thrive in wood baskets

Vanda orchids are a beautiful and popular type of orchid that are known for their large, vibrant blooms and fragrant scent. They are native to Southeast Asia and are often grown in tropical climates around the world. One of the unique features of Vanda orchids is that they love to grow in a wood basket. […]

Bad orchid mix

Q: On my orchids if the new roots do not enter the orchid mix when 2-3 inches long, the tip turns brown and stops growing. Could this be due to not misting the plant often enough? A: Insufficient misting and resultant low humidity should not cause the symptoms you describe. Rather, I would suspect that […]